Excel Add-In for Microsoft Bing

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Establishing a Connection

Configure a Connection Profile

From the CData ribbon, click Get Data and select From Microsoft Bing connection/s to launch the CData Query window. To setup a new connection, you will have to click the New Microsoft Bing Connection button. Here you can set the connection settings, test the connection, and save the connection profile.

Connecting to Microsoft Bing

To connect to Microsoft Bing, set the APIKey. To obtain the API key, sign into Microsoft Cognitive Services and register for the Bing Search APIs.

After you register, a list of endpoints and two keys are generated; you may use either one for the APIKey. You can use the APIVersion property to specify the API version you are connecting to. The possible values are 'V5' and 'V7'. The default value is 'V7'.

Connection Properties

The Connection properties describe the various options that can be used to establish a connection.

Managing Connections

After successfully authenticating to Microsoft Bing you will be able to customize the data you are importing. To learn more about this, see Managing Connections.

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