FireDAC Components for Open Exchange Rates

Build 21.0.7930

Creating VCL Applications

The following sections show how to use the Form Designer to create a simple VCL Forms application that shows the basic FireDAC objects needed to connect to Open Exchange Rates from any application. See Writing Data Access Code to work with these FireDAC components from code.

The following example populates a TDBGrid control.

  1. After Establishing a Connection and creating the TFDPhysOpenExchangeRatesDriverLink and TFDConnection objects, drop a TFDQuery object onto the form and set the properties below:

    Connection Set this property to the TFDConnection object, if this object is not already specified.
    SQL Click the button in the SQL property and enter a query.
    Active Set this property to true. This executes the SQL query to Open Exchange Rates.

  2. Drop a TDataSource object onto the form and set the following property:

    DataSet In the menu for this property, select the name of the TFDQuery object.

  3. Drop a TDBGrid control onto the form and set the following property:

    DataSource Select the name of the TDataSource.

  4. Drop a TFDGUIxWaitCursor onto the form. This is required to avoid a run-time error.

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Build 21.0.7930