JDBC Driver for Jira

Build 23.0.8839


Query,create, modify and delete the available Versions of a project in Jira.

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Jira API to process some of the filters. The driver processes other filters within the driver. For example, the following queries are processed server side:

Retrieve the versions for all projects:

SELECT * FROM ProjectVersions 

You can also filter by the Id, ProjectKey, or ProjectId. For example:

SELECT * FROM ProjectVersions WHERE Id = 10022 

Using ProjectId:

SELECT * FROM ProjectVersions WHERE ProjectId = 10022 

Using ProjectKey:

SELECT * FROM ProjectVersions WHERE ProjectKey = 'QMTH' 


Create a new version to be used throughout the project. The Name and either ProjectId or ProjectKey columns are required.

INSERT INTO ProjectVersions (ProjectId, Name, Description, ReleaseDate, StartDate) VALUES ('10000', 'HR Component', 'Example version description', '2018-04-04', '2018-02-02')


Make changes to a project version, specifying the Id column of the version to modify.

UPDATE ProjectVersions SET Released = 'true' WHERE Id = 10065


Remove a version of the project by specifying the Id column.

DELETE FROM ProjectVersions WHERE Id = 10065


Name Type ReadOnly References SupportedOperators Platform Description
Id [KEY] Integer True = Common

The Id of the version.

ProjectId Integer False


=,IN Common

The selected project's id.

ProjectKey String False =,IN Common

The selected project's key.

Name String False Common

The name of the version.

Description String False Common

The description of the version.

Released Boolean False Common

Whether the version has been released.

ReleaseDate Date False Common

Release date of the version.

StartDate Date False Common

Optional start date of the version.

UserStartDate Date False Common

The date on which work on this version is expected to start.

UserReleaseDate Date False Common

The date on which work on this version is expected to finish.

Overdue Boolean True Common

Whether the version is overdue for release.

Archived Boolean False Common

Whether the version has been archived. When a new version is created, this field is always set to False.

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Build 23.0.8839