Tableau Connector for Jira

Build 22.0.8479



connector は、データソースの型を、スキーマで使用可能な対応するデータ型にマッピングします。以下のテーブルはこれらのマッピングを説明します。

Jira CData スキーマ
Assets string
Checkbox string
Date of First Response datetime
Date Picker date
Date Time Picker datetime
Days since last comment string
Domain of Assignee string
Domain of Reporter string
Group Picker (multiple groups) string
Group Picker (single group) string
Labels string
Last commented by a User Flag string
Last public comment date string
Message Custom Field (for edit) string
Message Custom Field (for view) string
Number Field decimal
Number of attachments string
Number of comments string
Parent Link string
Participants of an issue string
Project Picker (single project) string
Radio Buttons string
Select List (cascading) string
Select List (multiple choices) string
Select List (single choice) string
Team string
Text Field (multi-line) string
Text Field (read only) string
Text Field (single line) string
Time in Status string
URL Field string
User Picker (multiple users) string
User Picker (single user) string
User Property Field string
Username of last updater or commenter string
Version Picker (multiple versions) string
Version Picker (single version) string

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Build 22.0.8479