Excel Add-In for SendGrid

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Query and Delete the available Bounces in SendGrid.

Table-Specific Information


You need to specify a time span to select from this table. If you do not specify one, a default span of the past 120 days is used. The CreatedAt column supports the >, <, =, <=, and >= operators.

SELECT * FROM Bounces WHERE CreatedAt > '2016-01-01' AND CreatedAt < '2016-01-30'


You can only delete from Bounces by specifying an Email.

Delete FROM Bounces WHERE Email='test@test.com'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
CreatedAt Datetime True

The time the bounce was created.

Reason String False

The reason for the bounce.

Email [KEY] String False

The email that bounced.

Status String False

The enhanced SMTP bounce response.

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Build 20.0.7695