SSIS Components for SendGrid

Build 20.0.7656

Using the SSIS Components

Reading and Writing SendGrid Data with the SSIS Components

The following sections show how to ETL SendGrid data, using the standard SSIS components to query SendGrid tables just as you would SQL Server tables.

Using the Source Component

Using the Source Component details how to add a source component to the package, including defining a connection manager and selecting a data access mode.

Using the Destination Component

Using the Destination Component details how to add a destination component to the package, how to connect the source and destination components, and selecting data operations to be done with the source data.

Using the Lookup Component

Using the Lookup Component demonstrates how to perform data lookups on a specified set of columns from the source component in a lookup component.

Using the Execute SQL Task

Using the Execute SQL Task details the process for adding an Execute SQL task to your project and executing SQL queries directly.

Defining Custom Views

The component can define virtual tables whose contents are decided by a pre-configured query. See Defining Custom Views for more information.

Calling Stored Procedures

Calling Stored Procedures describes the process for executing stored procedures with a Script component.

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Build 20.0.7656