ODBC Driver for SendGrid

Build 20.0.7654


Create, update, delete, and query Campaign Schedules in SendGrid.

Table-Specific Information


You can only retrieve Schedules by providing a MarketingCampaignId.

SELECT * FROM Schedules WHERE MarketingCampaignId = '123'


Provide MarketingCampaignId and SendAt to schedule a campaign at a specific time. You can simply specify SendAt to immediately send a campaign. SendGrid requires that both the html and plain text content have an [unsubscribe] tag in them for a campaign to be sent.

INSERT INTO Schedules (MarketingCampaignId) VALUES (3091692)

INSERT INTO Schedules(MarketingCampaignId, SendAt) VALUES (1, '11/11/2018')


You can only update Schedules by specifying a MarketingCampaignId.

UPDATE Schedules SET SendAt = '01-01-2016' WHERE MarketingCampaignId = '123'


You can only delete Schedules by specifying a MarketingCampaignId.

DELETE FROM Schedules WHERE MarketingCampaignId = '123'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
MarketingCampaignId [KEY] Integer True

Id of the campaign.

Status String True

Status of the campaign.

SendAt Datetime False

Date to start the campaign.

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Build 20.0.7654