TDV Adapter for Salesforce Chatter

Build 21.0.8137


Retrieve community details.

Table Specific Information


When the Id is specified, the adapter will use the Salesforce Chatter API to filter the results while other filters are executed client side within the adapter. For example, the following query is executed server side:

SELECT * FROM Communities WHERE Id = 'abc123'


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] String The unique identifier of the community.
Name String The community name.
Description String The description of the community.
KnowledgeableEnabled Boolean Whether knowledgeable people and endorsements are available for topics.
LoginUrl String The login URL for the community.
UrlPathPrefix String The community-specific URL prefix.
Url String The full URL to community.
SiteUrl String The site URL for the community
ReputationEnabled Boolean Whether reputation is calculated and displayed for members of the community.
Status String The status of the community. Valid values are: Live, Inactive, and UnderConstruction.

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Build 21.0.8137