JDBC Driver for eBay

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Query your eBay Top Selling Products.

Table Specific Information


The only columns that can be used to filter are AffiliateCustomId, AffiliateNetworkId, and AffiliateTrackingId. These filters are optional.

SELECT * FROM TopSellingProducts

SELECT * FROM TopSellingProducts WHERE AffiliateCustomId='12345'


Name Type Description
Title String The title of the product, as specified in the catalog.
ProductId String The eBay or external Ids associated with the product. Use this value as input to search for the same product in the future, or use the ISBN, EAN, or UPC value (if returned). The ProductId values can be used to retrieve products, item listings, or guides and reviews. Max length: 4000.
ProductURL String Fully qualified URL for optional information about the product, such as the description or film credits for a movie. This information is hosted through the eBay website and it cannot be edited. Portions of the content are protected by copyright. This link allows users to view additional descriptive details about the product.
ImageURL String Fully qualified URL for a stock image (if any) associated with the eBay catalog product. The URL is for the image eBay usually displays in product search results (usually 70px tall). It may be helpful to calculate the dimensions of the photo programmatically before displaying it. Only returned if a URL is available for the product.
CatalogName String Name of the catalog the product is in. Only returned if product is in a catalog.
ReviewCount Long The total number of reviews available for this product on the eBay website.
HighestPrice Decimal The highest price for items listed as this product.
LowestPrice Decimal The lowest price for items listed as this product.
Currency String The three-digit currency code as defined in ISO 4217.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
AffiliateCustomId String Need not be specified. You can use this pseudo column if you want to leverage it to better monitor your marketing efforts. If you are using the eBay Partner Network, and you provide an AffiliateCustomId, the tracking URL returned by the eBay Partner Network will contain the AffiliateUserId.
AffiliateNetworkId String Specifies your tracking partner for affiliate commissions.
AffiliateTrackingId String The value you specify is obtained from your tracking partner.

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Build 22.0.8462