Power BI Connector for eBay

Build 21.0.7930


Retrieves all the payment policies configured for the marketplace you specify using the MarketplaceId query parameter.


MarketplaceId is required filter in the Select query. You can follow the query below to obtain the required values through SQL:

SELECT * FROM PaymentPolicies WHERE MarketplaceId='EBAY_US'

Some of the fields are named with the suffix Aggr. These fields display the content of the JSON tag with the same name that is returned from the API endpoint.


Name Type Description
PaymentPolicyId [KEY] String A unique eBay-assigned ID for a payment policy. This ID is generated when the policy is created.
Description String The Description of the payment policy.
Name String The Description of the payment policy.
CategoryTypesName String The Category Type name value to which this policy applies. Used to discern accounts that sell motor vehicles from those that don't.
DepositAggr String Amounts and due dates for deposits on motor vehicle listings on eBay Motors. Is applicable only if the categoryTypes.name field is set to MOTORS_VEHICLES.
MarketplaceId String The ID of the eBay marketplace to which the payment policy applies.
ImmediatePay Boolean If set to true, payment is due upon receipt (eBay generates a receipt when the buyer agrees to purchase an item).
PaymentMethodAggr String If the seller is not opted-in to managed payments, this container returns a list of the payment methods accepted by the seller.
RecipientAccountReferenceId String Contains the PayPal email address of the recipient (buyer) if referenceType is set to PAYPAL_EMAIL.
RecipientAccountReferenceType String A reference a recipient's account. Currently only PAYPAL_EMAIL is valid.

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Build 21.0.7930