JDBC Driver for eBay

Build 21.0.7930


Retrieve a DSR Summary report including accuracy of description, communication, shipping, etc. This information can help sellers determine how specific business practices may be contributing to higher or lower DSR scores.


Name Type Required Description
CategoryId String False Summary report will be based on DSRs left for items that were listed in specified categories only.
DateFrom String False The starting point of the date range used for collecting DSR data for purchased items. The time period applies to either the end date of the item transaction or the date the item was listed.
DateTo String False The end point of the date range.
DateRangeEventType String False Type of item event upon which the date range will be based. Date Range Event Types include: TransactionEndDate - The specified date range relates to the date transactions were ended. ListingDate - The specified date range relates to the date items were listed.

The allowed values are TransactionEndDate, ListingDate.

ShippingCostType String False Restrict DSRs to item with free shipping or items for which there was a charge for shipping and handling.

The allowed values are Free, Paid.

ShippingDestinationType String False Restrict DSRs to domestic or international shipping destinations.

The allowed values are Domestic, Limits.

ShippingService String False Shipping service used to ship items.
ShipToCountry String False Country to which items were shipped.
ItemId String False Id of the listing associated with the transaction for which the seller is collecting summary rating data.
TransactionId String False Unique identifier for a transaction.
ReportType String False Reports will be generated based on this filter.

The allowed values are ByCategory, ByPeriod, ByShippingDetails, ByTransaction.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
JobId String JobId that you can use to download the report later.

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Build 21.0.7930