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Item Variations are multiple similar (but not identical) items in a single fixed-price listing. For example, a T-shirt listing could contain multiple items of the same brand that vary by color and size; each variation would specify a combination of one of these colors and sizes. Each variation can have a different quantity and price. You can buy multiple items from one variation at the same time. (That is, one order line item can contain multiple items from a single variation.)

Table Specific Information


An item Id must be specified to get variations for the item which this Id represents.

SELECT * FROM ItemVariations WHERE ItemId = '110187147205'


The fields which are required for insert are ItemId, VariationSpecificsAggregate, StartPrice, and Quantity. VariationSpecificsAggregate should contain variation specifics structured in XML format. For instance, the following VariationSpecificsAggregate adds a large blue item:


The following query adds a variation of a large blue item with a StartPrice of 15 and a Quantity of 100.

INSERT INTO ItemVariations (ItemId,VariationSpecificsAggregate,Quantity,StartPrice) values ('110188946596','<NameValueList><Name>Color</Name><Value>Blue</Value></NameValueList><NameValueList><Name>Size</Name><Value>L</Value></NameValueList>','100','15')


ItemId and VariationSpecificsAggregate are required for updating a variation. Optionally other details can be provided for variations, like StartPrice and Quantity. VariationSpecificsAggregate should be in XML format and should contain all specifics which identify a variation.

UPDATE ItemVariations SET Quantity='5' WHERE ItemId='110188946596' AND VariationSpecificsAggregate='<NameValueList><Name>Color</Name><Value>Blue</Value></NameValueList><NameValueList><Name>Size</Name><Value>L</Value></NameValueList>'


ItemId and VariationSpecificsAggregate are required for deleting a variation.

DELETE FROM ItemVariations WHERE ItemId='110188946596' AND VariationSpecificsAggregate='<NameValueList><Name>Color</Name><Value>Blue</Value></NameValueList><NameValueList><Name>Size</Name><Value>L</Value></NameValueList>'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
ItemId [KEY] String False

The Id that uniquely identifies the item listing. The Id is generated by eBay after an item is listed. You cannot choose or revise this value.

VariationSpecificsAggregate [KEY] String False

A list of name/value pairs that uniquely identify the variation within the listing. All variations must specify the same set of names. For example, if the items vary by color and size, then every variation must specify Color and Size as names, and no two variations can specify the same combination of color and size values.

StartPrice Decimal False

The price of the item at listing or relisting time. If this value changes when the item is revised, the new value becomes this price.

Currency String False

Currency associated with the price information of the item. 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code.

Quantity Integer False

This value indicates the quantity of items in the specific variation that are available for purchase.

QuantitySold Integer False

The total number of items purchased so far. Subtract this from Quantity to determine the quantity available.

SKU String False

A SKU (stock keeping unit) is an identifier defined by a seller. It is only intended for the use of the seller (not for buyers).

EAN String False

This field is used if the seller wishes to identify each product variation within a multivariation listing by an EAN (European Article Number) value.

ISBN String False

This field is used if the seller wishes to identify each product variation within a multivariation listing by an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) value.

UPC String False

This field is used if the seller wishes to identify each product variation within a multivariation listing by a UPC (Universal Product Code) value.

ListingStatus String False

Specifies a listing with an active or ended status in the eBay processing workflow.

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