TDV Adapter for eBay

Build 21.0.8137


Retrieves all the fulfillment policies configured for the marketplace you specify using the MarketplaceId query parameter.


MarketplaceId is required filter in the Select query. You can follow the query below to obtain the required values through SQL:

SELECT * FROM FulfillmentPolicies WHERE MarketplaceId='EBAY_US'

Some of the fields are named with the suffix Aggr. These fields display the content of the JSON tag with the same name that is returned from the API endpoint.


Name Type Description
FulfillmentPolicyId [KEY] String A unique eBay-assigned ID for the fulfillment policy. This ID is generated when the policy is created.
Name String A user-defined name for this fulfillment policy. Names must be unique for policies assigned to the same marketplace.
Description String An optional seller-defined description of the fulfillment policy for internal use (this value is not displayed to end users).
CategoryTypesAggr String The CategoryTypeEnum value to which this policy applies. Used to discern accounts that sell motor vehicles from those that don't. (Currently, each policy can be set to only one categoryTypes value at a time.)
MarketplaceId String The ID of the eBay marketplace to which this fulfillment policy applies.
FreightShipping Boolean If set to true, the seller offers freight shipping. Freight shipping can be used for large items over 150 lbs.
GlobalShipping Boolean Indicates if the seller has opted-in to the eBay Global Shipping Program and that they use that service for their international shipments.
HandlingTimeValue Integer The maximum number of business days the seller commits to for preparing and shipping an order after receiving a cleared payment for the order.
HandlingTimeUnit String A time-measurement unit that specifies a singular period of time used for HandlingTimeValue.
LocalPickup Boolean Identifies if the shipping is offered by this policy and the seller offers only local pickup of the item (normally from a non-business location).
PickupDropOff Boolean If set to true, the seller offers the
ShipToLocationsAggr String This object contains the regionIncluded and regionExcluded fields, which define the geographical regions that a seller does and does not cover by the associated shipping policy.
ShippingOptionsAggr String A list that defines the seller's shipping configurations for DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL order shipments.

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Build 21.0.8137