JDBC Driver for Google Ad Manager

Build 22.0.8462


Create, update, delete, and query DoubleClick for Publishers Users.


The following queries are processed server side by the Google Ad Manager APIs. The driver processes other SELECT queries client-side in memory.

Retrieve a list of Users. For example:


Additionally, you can specify the Id or filter by any other column.

SELECT * FROM [Users] WHERE Id = '244555723'


To create a new User, the Name, Email, and RoleId fields are required.

INSERT INTO [Users] (Name, Email, RoleId ) VALUES ('murat', 'email@gmail.com', '-1')


You can update any column not marked as read-only by specifying the Id column.

UPDATE [Users] SET Name = 'New User' WHERE Id = '244555723'


You can delete a User row by specifying the Id column.

DELETE FROM [Users] WHERE Id = '244555723'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Long True

The unique ID of the User. This attribute is readonly and is assigned by Google.

Name String False

The name of the User. It has a maximum length of 128 characters.

Email String False

The email or login of the User. In order to create a new user, you must already have a Google Account.

RoleId Long False

The unique role ID of the User. Roles that are created by Google will have negative IDs.

RoleName String True

The name of the role assigned to the User. This attribute is readonly.

IsActive Boolean True

Specifies whether or not the User is active. An inactive user cannot log in to the system or perform any operations. This attribute is read-only.

IsEmailNotificationAllowed Boolean False

Specifies whether or not the User wants to permit the Publisher Display Ads system to send email notifications to their email address. This attribute is optional and defaults to true.

ExternalId String False

An identifier for the User that is meaningful to the publisher. This attribute is optional and has a maximum length of 255 characters.

IsServiceAccount Boolean True

Whether the user is an OAuth2 service account user. This attribute is read-only. Service account users can only be added through the UI.

OrdersUiLocalTimeZoneId String False

The long format timezone id (e.g. 'America/Los_Angeles') used in the orders and line items UI for this User. Set this to null to indicate that no such value is defined for the User - UI then defaults to using the Network's timezone. This setting only affects the UI for this user and does not in particular affect the timezone of any dates and times returned in API responses.

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Build 22.0.8462