JDBC Driver for Google Ad Manager

Build 22.0.8462


Create, update, and query DoubleClick for Publishers Custom Targeting Values.


The following queries are processed server side by the Google Ad Manager APIs. The driver processes other SELECT queries client-side in memory.

Retrieve a list of custom targeting values. For example:

SELECT * FROM [CustomTargetingValues] WHERE CustomTargetingKeyId IN (SELECT Id FROM [CustomTargetingKeys])
The CustomTargetingKeyId is required to execute a SELECT query.

Additionally, you can specify the Id or filter by any other column.

SELECT * FROM [CustomTargetingValues] WHERE CustomTargetingKeyId='13684797' AND Id='448574026142'


To create a new Custom Targeting Value, the CustomTargetingKeyId, and Name fields are required.

INSERT INTO [CustomTargetingValues] (CustomTargetingKeyId, Name) VALUES ('13684797', 'TestName')


You can update the DisplayName only by specifying the CustomTargetingKeyId column (to update multiple values), and optionally the Id column (to update a specific value).

UPDATE [CustomTargetingValues] SET DisplayName='OtherValue' WHERE CustomTargetingKeyId='13684797' AND Id='448579390145'


The delete operation is not supported for this table.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
CustomTargetingKeyId Long False

The ID of the CustomTargetingKey for which this is the value.

Id [KEY] Long True

The ID of the CustomTargetingValue. This value is readonly and is populated by Google.

Name String False

Name of the value. This can be used for encoding . If you don't want users to be able to see potentially sensitive targeting information in the ad tags of your site, you can encode your key/values. For example, you can create key/value g1=abc to represent gender=female. Values can contain up to 40 characters each.

DisplayName String False

Descriptive name for the value.

MatchType String False

The way in which the CustomTargetingValue.name strings will be matched. This match type can not be used within an audience segment rule. This match type can not be used within an audience segment rule. This match type can not be used within line item targeting. This match type can not be used within line item targeting.


Status String True

Status of the CustomTargetingValue. This field is read-only. A value can be activated and deactivated by calling CustomTargetingService.performCustomTargetingValueAction.

The allowed values are ACTIVE, INACTIVE, UNKNOWN.

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Build 22.0.8462