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Retrieve ToDoLists on Basecamp 3.

Table Specific Information


The following columns are supported by Basecamp as search criteria:

  • ProjectId
  • ToDoSetId and Status
  • ProjectId and Id

ToDoSetId can be retrieved in the Projects table.

The following query retrieves only completed to-do lists belonging to a certain Project and a certain Status. If ProjectId is not specified in the query, the default ProjectId will be used.

SELECT * FROM ToDoLists WHERE ProjectId = '11111111' AND ToDoSetId = '2222222' AND Status = 'active'

The following query retrieves a single ToDoList from a certain Project.

SELECT * FROM ToDoLists WHERE ProjectId = '11111111' AND Id = '123456789'


Specify the Name, ProjectId, Description (optional), and the ToDoSetId to insert a to-do list.

INSERT INTO ToDoLists (Name, Description, ProjectId, ToDoSetId ) VALUES ('Name', 'desc', '11111111', '2222222')


Basecamp allows changing the name and description of the to-do list, provided that the ProjectId and to-do list Id are included in the query:

UPDATE ToDoLists Set Name = 'Updated Name', Description = 'Updated desc' Where ProjectId = '11111111' AND Id = '1234567689'


To-do lists cannot be deleted.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Long True

The unique identifier of the topic.

ProjectId Long True


The Id of the Project associated with the to-do list.

ToDoSetId Long True


The Id of the To Do Set the to-do list belongs to.

Status String True

The to-do status.

Type String True

The record type.

Name String False

The to-do name.

Completed Boolean True

The to-do state.

CompletedRatio String True

The to-do state in ratio.

Description String False

The to-do list description.

CreatedAt Datetime True

The date and time when the event was created.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

The date and time when the record was last updated.

BucketName String True

The to-do list bucket name.

BucketType String True

The to-do list bucket type.

ParentTitle String True

Title of the parent.

ParentType String True

Type of the parent.

CreatorId Long True


Event creator Id.

CreatorAttachableSgid String True

Event creator Attachable SGID.

CreatorName String True

Event creator Name.

CreatorEmailAddress String True

Event creator Email Address.

CreatorTitle String True

Event creator Title.

CreatorBio String True

Event creator Bio.

CreatorCreatedAt Datetime True

Event creator creation date and time.

CreatorUpdatedAt Datetime True

Event creator update date and time.

CreatorAdmin Boolean True

Boolean indicationg if the event creator is an admin.

CreatorOwner Boolean True

Boolean indicationg if the event creator is an owner.

CreatorTimeZone String True

Event creator's timezone.

CreatorCompanyId Long True

Event creator's company Id.

CreatorCompanyName String True

Event creator's company name.

CommentsCount Integer True

Number of coments the document has.

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