FireDAC Components for Basecamp

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Retrieve, create, update, and delete Projects on Basecamp.

Table Specific Information


You can retrieve all active Projects from the organization, filter records by Drafts and Archived Projects, or simply set a Project Id for more information. Drafts, Archived, and Id are the columns supported as search criteria by Basecamp.

SELECT * FROM Projects WHERE Drafts = True
SELECT * FROM Projects WHERE Advanced = True
SELECT * FROM Projects WHERE Id = '11111111'


Specify the Name and Description properties at a minimum to create a new Project.

INSERT INTO Projects (Name, Description) VALUES ('Test Proj', 'This is a new test project.')

Update and Delete

Simply set the Project Id to update or delete a project you have access to.

UPDATE Projects SET Name = 'Updated Proj', Description = 'This is an updated test project.' WHERE Id = '11111111'

DELETE FROM Projects WHERE Id = '11111111'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] String True

The unique identifier of the project.

AccessesAppUrl String True

The accesses app URL.

AccessesCount Integer True

The accesses count.

AccessesUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when accesses were updated.

AccessesUrl String True

The accesses URL.

AppUrl String True

The app URL.

Archived Boolean False

When user archives a project, this value will be set to true.

AttachmentsAppUrl String True

The attachments app URL.

AttachmentsCount Integer True

The attachments count.

AttachmentsUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when attachments were updated.

AttachmentsUrl String True

The attachments URL.

CalendarEventsAppUrl String True

The calendar events app URL.

CalendarEventsCount Integer True

The calendar events count.

CalendarEventsUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when calendar events were updated.

CalendarEventsUrl String True

The calendar events URL.

Color String True


CreatedAt Datetime True

The creation time of the project.

CreatorAvatarUrl String False

Creator Avatar URL.

CreatorFullsizeAvatarUrl String False

Creator full-size Avatar URL.

CreatorId String False

The Id of the creator.

CreatorName String False

The name of the creator.

Description String False

The description of the project.

DocumentsAppUrl String True

The documents app URL.

DocumentsCount Integer True

The documents count.

DocumentsUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when documents were updated.

DocumentsUrl String True

The documents URL.

Drafts Boolean False

Boolean value for a draft project.

ForwardsAppUrl String True

The forwards app URL.

ForwardsCount Integer True

The forwards count.

ForwardsUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when forwards were updated.

ForwardsUrl String True

The forwards URL.

IsClientProject Boolean False

Whether the project is related to clients or not.

LastEventAt Datetime False

Time when the project was last modified.

Name String False

The name of the project.

Starred Boolean False

Boolean value for a starred project.

Template Boolean False

Boolean value for a template project.

TodolistsAppUrl String True

The todolists app URL.

TodolistsCompletedCount Integer True

The todolists completed count.

TodolistsRemainingCount Integer True

The todolists remaining count.

TodolistsUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when todolists were updated.

TodolistsUrl String True

The todolists URL.

TopicsAppUrl String True

The topics app URL.

TopicsCount Integer True

The topics count.

TopicsUpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when topics were updated.

TopicsUrl String True

The topics URL.

Trashed Boolean False

Boolean value for a trashed project.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

Time when the project was updated.

URL String True

The URL of the project.

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