Tableau Connector for Box

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieves all metadata instances fields applied to a given file.


Name Type Description
Id String A UUID to identify the metadata instance.
FileId [KEY] String The ID of the file.
Template String The name of the template.
Parent String The identifier of the item that this metadata instance has been attached to. This combines the type and the id of the parent in the form {type}_{id}.
Scope String An ID for the scope in which this template has been applied. This will be enterprise_{enterprise_id} for templates defined for use in this enterprise, and global for general templates that are available to all enterprises using Box.
Version String The version of the metadata instance. This version starts at 0 and increases every time a user-defined property is modified.
CanEdit String Whether the user can edit this metadata instance.
Type String A unique identifier for the type.
TypeVersion String The last-known version of the template of the object.
UserDefinedFieldName String The user-defined field name.
UserDefinedFieldValue String The value of the user defined field.

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Build 23.0.8839