SSIS Components for Box

Build 23.0.8770


Downloads a File.


Name Type Accepts Output Streams Description
FileID String False The Id of the file to download.
FileVersionID String False The Id of the file version to download. If not fed, it will download the latest version.
DownloadTo String False Where to download the file.
AsUserId String False The Id of the user you want to impersonate. Only works with Admin, Co-Admin and Service Accounts.
UseSimpleName Boolean False When enabled, removes special characters from the filename. Some operating systems prohibit certain characters in file names that Box allows in its filenames. Set this to true to remove these characters in the downloaded file's name. The 本製品 removes forward and back slash, colon, asterisk, question mark, double-quote, less than and greater than, and bar.


Name String False The name used to store the file after the download. If left empty, the original file name will be used.
FileStream String True An instance of an output stream where file data is written to. Only used if DownloadTo is not set.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Whether or not the file was successfully downloaded.
FileData String File data that will be outputted encoded in Base64 if the DownloadTo and FileStream inputs are empty.

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Build 23.0.8770