Starting the Server

Version 20.0.7681

Starting the Server

Version 20.0.7681

ArcESB is built on top of an application framework that provides Web services, authentication, encryption, and automation facilities. The application can be hosted on any Windows-based or Java-based Web server. Both the Windows and Java editions include a stand-alone server, so no external server is required to host the application.

Windows Edition

The Windows edition comes with an embedded Web server. To get up and running with the stand-alone server, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the server (if it is not already running) either through the Windows Start Menu or by running ArcESB.exe in the installation directory.
  2. If the web UI does not automatically open in a browser, manually launch the UI:
    • Double-click the Arc icon in the system tray.
    • Or, right-click the Arc icon and select Start Application.
    • Or, use a browser to manually navigate to the address and port where the server is listening (the default port is 8001).

See the Embedded Server section for information on enabling SSL/TLS and other configuration options for the embedded web server.

See the Configuration in IIS for information on hosting Arc in IIS.

Java Edition

The Java edition comes bundled with a Web server, built on top of Jetty, to support simple cross-platform deployment. This stand-alone web server is launched by running the arcesb.jar file located in the installation directory, for example:

java -jar arcesb.jar

The configuration for this Web server is contained within the arcesb.xml located next to the arcesb.jar file. This configuration XML file can be modified according to specific deployment needs. The file contains commented-out examples of server modifications, and any valid Jetty XML configuration syntax is supported.

Additionally, Arc also provides a service script which may be used to set up a systemd or init.d service on unix systems.

Arc can also be deployed to any Java servlet container. See the Java Edition section for step-by-step deployment guides to several major Java Web servers.