Setting up the Profile

Version 20.0.7681

Setting up the Profile

Version 20.0.7681

The Profile page contains global settings that are used by multiple connectors in the ArcESB flow.

Certain connectors require configuring a profile in order to establish a connection:

  • AS2
  • AS4
  • OFTP
  • SFTP Server
  • FTP Server
  • RNIF

Refer to the Connectors section for more information about the specific profile settings for your connectors.

The Profile page also includes application-wide settings not related to any specific connector in the Certificates, Advanced, and Admin API tabs.


The Certificates tab displays a list of all certificates created, used, or managed by the application. This tab can be used as a reference to quickly determine which certificates are in use by which connectors in the Flow.

Note that the Certificates tab is only available at Enterprise and Unlimited license tiers.


The Advanced tab contains settings related to:

  • Application performance
  • Global error alerts via email
  • Outgoing proxy configuration
  • Log archival and cleanup

Admin API

The Admin API tab lists the users and IP addresses that are authorized to manage Arc via the Admin API. Users and IP addresses can be added and greenlit from this tab.

The Allow Auth Token in URL setting determines whether a user’s auth token can be provided as a query parameter when making Admin API requests. More information on Admin API authorization can be found in the API Authentication page.