Admin API

Version 20.0.7681

Admin API

Version 20.0.7681

Arc’s built-in Admin API provides a flexible way to manage the application. Everything that can be accomplished within the administration console UI can also be accomplished through RESTful API calls.

The Admin API consists of a set of API Resources and a set of API Actions. API calls to these Resources and Actions can be combined to manage the application from external scripts, servers, and applications:

  • Retrieve files in the application workflow
  • Retrieve metadata or log data regarding the files processed by the application
  • Insert files into the application workflow for processing
  • Update connector or profile configuration settings
  • Trigger a connector’s sending/receiving functionality

The Admin API supports JSON-formatted OData as the default REST protocol. Additional web service formats supported include OData (Atom), SOAP, HTML, and CSV.

API Browser

The Resources and Actions sections contain an overview of the Resources and Actions available in the API. Further information on each Resource and Action can be found in the API Browser.

To access the API Browser, select the Admin API option from the ‘API’ dropdown menu in the top right corner of the application UI:

Admin API UI Hook

The API Browser includes the available properties for each Resource and Action, as well as code samples (JQuery and cURL) for consuming the API.

Note that some ‘ID’ properties marked as required can be specified through a combination of other properties. For example, the ‘MessageId’ property of the Files Resource is not required to fetch a specific file if the file is identified by a combination of ‘ConnectorId’, ‘Folder’, and ‘Filename’. Similarly, the ID’s for the Log resources (Logs, Transactions, and Requests) can be omitted if not known ahead-of-time.