ACH Connector

Version 20.0.7681

ACH Connector

Version 20.0.7681

The ACH Connector supports translating NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) files into XML and vice versa.


ArcESB uses XML as the primary data manipulation format, so it is often useful to convert files into XML at the start of a flow, or use XML to generate a file at the end of a flow. The ACH Connector supports this conversion with NACHA files.

The ACH Connector can also validate Control Record totals, or recalculate the totals to ensure they are correct after any modifications in the flow.

Connector Configuration

This section contains all of the configurable connector properties.

Settings Tab


Settings related to the core operation of the connector.

  • Connector Id The static name of the connector. All connector-specific files are held in a folder by the same name within the Data Directory.
  • Connector Description An optional field to provide free-form description of the connector and its role in the flow.
  • Translation Type Whether the connector should expect NACHA input (and convert it to XML) or XML input (and convert it into a NACHA file).
  • Verify Mode How the connector should handle the Control Records in each file to verify that the totals (Entry Count, Credit Total, Debit Total, etc) are correct. Valid values are:

    Validate Totals - The connector will compare the totals in the file’s Control Records with totals computed by the connector; if these values do not match, an error will be thrown.
    Compute Totals - The connector will ignore the totals in the file’s Control Records and substitute them with the totals computed by the connector. This is useful when adding or removing records from the file.
    No Validation The totals in the Control Records are used, and the connector does not compute its own totals.

Local Folders

Settings that determine the folder on disk that files will be processed from, and where they will be placed after processing.

  • Input Folder (Send) The connector can process files placed in this folder. If Send Automation is enabled, the connector will automatically poll this location for files to process.
  • Output Folder (Receive) After the connector finishes processing a file, the result will be placed in this folder. If the connector is connected to another connector in the flow, files will not remain here and will instead be passed along to the Input/Send folder for the connected connector.
  • Processed Folder (Sent) After processing a file, the connector will place a copy of the processed file in this folder if Save to Sent Folder is enabled. This copy of the file will not be passed along to the next connector in the flow.

Other Settings

Settings not included in the previous categories.

  • Log Messages Whether the log entry for a processed file will include a copy of the file itself.
  • Save to Sent Folder Whether files processed by the connector should be copied to the Sent folder for the connector.


Settings related to the automatic processing of files by the connector.

  • Send Whether messages arriving at the connector will automatically be processed.


The ACH Connector requires minimal configuration before translating between NACHA and XML formats. The Translation Type field determines the direction of translation, and the Verify Mode field determines whether the connector will validate the mathematical sums contained in the ACH control records.

When operating in NACHA-to-XML mode, NACHA files that reach the ACH Connector in the Arc Flow will automatically be converted into XML if Send Automation is enabled. Otherwise, files can be manually processed using the Send button in the Input tab of the connector.

When operating in XML-to-NACHA mode, XML files that reach the ACH connector must be in the appropriate XML format to be successfully converted into a NACHA file. Convert a sample NACHA file to XML first to view an example of the XML structure necessary for NACHA conversion.