This section describes the simple process of upgrading from an earlier release of CData Sync. For information on performing a fresh installation of CData Sync, refer to the Starting the Server documentation.

Upgrading from CData Sync 2020

CData Sync 2021 functions as a drop-in upgrade to CData Sync 2020; simply running the installer for CData Sync 2021 will upgrade all necessary application resources.

The installer for CData Sync 2021 will attempt to detect existing installations of Sync 2020 and preserve the connections, jobs, and settings from the existing installation. If Sync 2020 was not installed in the default location, it may be necessary to point the Sync 2021 installer to the folder on disk where Sync 2020 was installed.

CData Sync 2021 can be installed separately from CData Sync 2020 by directing the Sync 2021 installer to a different folder than the one in which Sync 2020 was installed. Installations will not interfere with each other so long as they are installed to different folders.

CData Sync 2021 includes several improvements that may cause the application to behave differently from an Sync 2020 installation:

  • Sync 2021 manages users within the application rather than through server configuration, so some user settings may not transfer.
  • Sync 2021 does not require Windows administrator privileges to run by default, so some folder permissions may need to be updated.

Windows Application Directory

The Windows edition of Sync 2021 stores the Application Directory in the C:\ProgramData folder by default. Previous versions of Sync used the C:\Program Files folder to house the Application Directory. This change helps ensure that Sync 2021 can run without administrator privileges by default.

When upgrading from Sync 2020 to Sync 2021, the application will re-use the Application Directory from the previous (2020) installation, but still attempt to run without administrator privileges by default. As a result, it may be necessary to set the access permission rules on the Application Directory within C:\Program Files to allow Sync access with lower running permissions.

User Management

Previous versions of Sync managed users via the server configuration XML files (e.g. Web.Config, server.xml). Sync 2021 brings user management within the application itself, introducing a Users tab in the Settings page.

Users configured in previous versions will not persist in the new installation of Sync 2021, and should be recreated as necessary within the Users tab.

Upgrading From CData Data Sync 2017, 2018, and 2019

The installer for CData Sync 2021 will attempt to detect existing previous installations of Sync and import previous settings. These imported settings include:

  • All Jobs.
  • All Connections.
  • Any External Connectors.
  • All Sync Settings.

Migrating Configurations

Migrating your Sync configuration allows you to export Connections, Jobs and App Settings from one Sync installation to another. To migrate your Sync configuration to a new installation:

  • Click the Settings tab on the Sync top navigation bar.
  • Select the Migration tab from the Applications Settings screen. From this tab, you can export or import Sync settings.
  • Clicking the Export button will download all jobs, connections and sync settings into zipped csv files.
  • Clicking the Import button will prompt you to select a Sync settings file. Click “Choose File” and navigate to the correct ZIP file to import your previously-saved settings.

Upgrading Marketplace Instances

When using marketplace instances of Sync, CData publishes updated instances following new product enhancements and product releases. You can easily migrate your Sync configuration from the old instance to the new by following the steps listed above, in the Migrate Configurations section.