Transformations take raw data from your source and clean, shape, and organize it into a form that best fits your needs as you proceed through your data pipeline. Transformations let you decide how your data should be shaped, giving you only the data you need in the form you need.

Transformation options

CData Sync offers two types of transformations:

  • ETL (In-Flight) Transformations: ETL (Extract Transform Load) Transformations are Transformations in which the data is extracted and then transformed “in-flight” before delivery to the destination.

  • ELT (Post-Job) Transformations: ELT (Extract Load Transform) transformations are Transformations in which the entirety of the data is moved to the destination before the Transformation takes place.

Both ELT and ETL involve the same three steps:

  • Extract: Raw data is extracted from the source system. In ETL Transformations, the data is then moved to a staging area.
  • Transform: The data is cleaned and mapped.
  • Load: The data is copied into the target system. While the steps remain essentially the same between the two processes (with some differences), the order in which those steps are performed differs.