You can configure CData Sync to notify you via email after a job’s completed run. Notification emails contain information regarding the overall Job run including the status of each query.

Configuring the SMTP Server Connection

On the Settings page, select the Notifications tab and configure the SMTP Mail Server used to send notifications with the following properties:

  • From - The email address to display in the From field.
  • SMTP Server - The name of the SMTP mail server.
  • User Name - The username used to authenticate to the SMTP server.
  • User Password - The password used to authenticate to the SMTP server.
  • SMTP Port - The port on which to connect to the SMTP server.
  • SSL Start Mode - Options are STARTTLS (Explicit SSL), TLS/SSL (Implicit SSL) or None (No SSL).

Enable Notifications for a Job

To configure email notifications for a job, select the Notifications tab in your Job, select the option to E-mail me the results, and set the following properties:

  • To - The email to send notifications to.
  • Subject - The subject for notification emails.
  • Email On Error Only - Notification emails will only be sent when the job encounters an error. When unchecked, notifications are sent after each job run.