Formatters support modifying or formatting values within a script. You can use value formatters to perform string, date, and math operations on values.

Attributes (variables) are passed into formatters using vertical pipes (|):

[item.attribute | formatter(parameters)]

where formatter is the name of the formatter and parameters is an optional set of parameters to control formatter output. Multiple formatters can be used by delimiting each formatter with a vertical pipe; the formatters will be evaluated from left to right and the output from one formatter will be “piped” into the next formatter:

[item.attribute | formatter(parameters)] | formatter(parameters) | ...]


  • In the following snippet any “*” character in the myid attribute’s value is replaced by “-“, and the resulting value is assigned to

    <api:set attr="" value="[myid | replace('*', '-')]"/>
  • Below, two value formatters are chained with the pipe (“|”) character. In the example, only .log files are pushed from the operation.
    <api:call op="fileListDir">
      <api:check attr="name" value="[filename| tolower | endswith('.log')]">
  • The total cost for a purchase order line item may need to be calculated by multiplying the item quantity with the price-per-item.
    <api:set attr="cost" value="[itemQuantity | multiply([itemPrice])]" />