JDBC Driver for Trello

Build 20.0.7654

Using Authorization Route

At the moment of registration, Trello assigns an API key and Token to the account. We can retrieve this API key after logging in to Trello and visiting https://trello.com/app-key. After obtaining your API key, you can use it to obtain a Token by visiting https://trello.com/1/authorize?expiration=never&name=MyPersonalToken&scope=read&response_type=token&key={Key} and replacing {key} with the obtained API key. After visiting the page, you can authorize the application to use your account by clicking the allow button. You'll be redirected to a page with your token. To make requests to Trello's API you will need both API key and Token.

Note: You can change the expiration time of the token by changing expiration= with one of the following values (1hour, 1day, 30days, never).


  • APIKey: The key found at https://trello.com/app-key
  • Token: The token obtained

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Build 20.0.7654