BizTalk Adapter for OneDrive

Build 20.0.7654


The OneDrive view Drives, which lists all the drives the user has access to.

Table Specific Information

Due to API limitations, all operators on this view are executed client-side.


Name Type References Description
driveType [KEY] String The type of the drive.
owner_application_displayName String The display name of the drive's owner.
owner_application_id String the ID of the drive's owner
quota_deleted Int64 The deleted space in your drive.
quota_remaining Int64 The remaining space in your drive.
quota_state String The state of your drive's space.
quota_total Int64 The total space in your drive.
quota_used Int64 The used space in your drive.
sharePointIds_listId String The sharePointIds_listId column of the Drives view.
sharePointIds_listItemId String The sharePointIds_listItemId column of the Drives view.
sharePointIds_listItemUniqueId String The sharePointIds_listItemUniqueId column of the Drives view.
sharePointIds_siteId String The sharePointIds_siteId column of the Drives view.
sharePointIds_siteUrl String The sharePointIds_siteUrl column of the Drives view.
sharePointIds_webId String The sharePointIds_webId column of the Drives view.
Linkeditems String The linked items of this drive.
Linkedlist String The linked lists of this drive.
Linkedroot String The linked root of this drive.
Linkedspecial String The special links of this drive.
createdBy String Who created the drive.
createdDateTime Datetime The time the drive was created.
system String If present, indicates that this is a system-managed drive.
webUrl String URL that displays the resource in the browser.

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Build 20.0.7654