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Linked entity associations for a shipment. Every shipment will at least need a Sender, Recipient, and at least one Package. It will be from a specified ShipmentId that certain stored procedures (like GenerateLabels) will fetch needed input information from the other related tables, such as Senders, Recipients, and Packages.

Table Specific Information

The following stored procedures will rely on input from this table:

  • CalculateRates
  • GenerateLabels
  • GenerateReturnLabels


In order to add a Shipment, one must specify SenderId, RecipientId, and PackageId. See the example below:

INSERT INTO Shipments (SenderId, RecipientId, PackageId) VALUES ('3', '7', '9,13,17')
One may specify a ShipmentId on creation. However, if one is not provided, then a ShipmentId be auto-generated.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
ShipmentId [KEY] Integer False

Identifier of the shipment preset (required, one will be generated if unspecified).

ShipDate Date False

Date when package will be shipped. This value should be in the format (yyyy-MM-dd).

ShipTime Time False

Time when package will be shipped. This value should be in the format (hh:mm:ss).

PackageId String False

Comma-separated list of packages in shipment. The specified packages must all use the same SizeUnit and WeightUnit. Otherwise, an error may be encountered during the execution of a stored procedure.

SenderId Integer False

The shipment's sender.

RecipientId Integer False

The shipment's recipient.

CommodityId String False

Comma-separated list of commodities in the shipment. Specific to international shipments (intl only).

Contents String False

Description of items being shipped, as enumerated (intl only).

使用できる値は次のとおりです。Sample, Gift, Documents, Return, Other, Merchandise, HumanitarianDonation, DangerousGoods

ContentsDesc String False

Description of the contents. This should be provided only if Contents is set to

CertificateNumber String False

Certificate number, which some countries require for certain items to be imported (intl only).

InvoiceNumber String False

Invoice number if known or included in the package (intl only).

LicenseNumber String False

Import License number, which many many countries require the sender to obtain in order to import certain items (intl only).

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