SSIS Components for USPS

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Collection of calculated service rates. This table is populated by the CalculateRates stored procedure. Consequently, it is not possible to INSERT or UPDATE this table directly, but DELETE is still enabled.

Table Specific Information

The following stored procedures will add records to this table:

  • CalculateRates


INSERT statements are not supported for this table.


UPDATE statements are not supported for this table.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
RateId [KEY] Integer False

Identifier of the calculated rate.

QuoteDate Datetime False

Date of rate calculation.

ServiceType String False

Type of USPS service rendered as enumerated. Valid values are the following: Unspecified, First_Class, Priority_Mail, Expedited_Mail_Innovations, Priority_Mail_Innovations, Economy_Mail_Innovations, Next_Day_Air, Express, 2nd_Day_Air, Ground, Worldwide_Express, Worldwide_Expedited, Expedited, Standard, 3Day_Select, Next_Day_Air_Saver, Saver, Next_Day_Air_Early_AM, Express_Early_AM, Worldwide_Express_Plus, Express_Plus, 2nd_Day_Air_AM, Today_Standard, Today_Courrier, Today_Inter_City, Today_Express, Today_Express_Saver, Worldwide_Express_Freight, Sure_Post_Less_Than_1LB, Sure_Post_1LB_OR_Greater, Sure_Post_BPM, Sure_Post_Media

PackagingType String False

The mail service type when shipping to a given country. (intl only)

Commitments String False

Service commitments for the PackagingType when shipping to a given country.

MaxDimensions String False

The maximum allowable dimensions of a package sent to the specified country via the indicated ServiceType.

MaxWeight Double False

The maximum allowable weight (in pounds) of a package sent to the specified country via the indicated ServiceType.

IndemnityCoverage String False

It contains the lesser of maximum parcel indemnity coverage per given weight and TotalValue, if applicable.

InsuranceComment String False

Explains why no InsuranceCost was returned in the response despite ToalValue being specified, if applicable.

InsuranceCost String False

The cost of purchasing insurance for this package.

ListNetCharge Decimal False

Net charge amount applied to a service. Applied only when RequestAccountRate was set to false during rate calculation.

TransitTime String False

Textual description of the time of transit as enumerated.


SignatureType String False

Textual description of delivery signature option as enumerated.


Restrictions String False

Restrictions on items being shipped.

Prohibitions String False

List of items prohibited from mailing to the destination country.

Observations String False

Additional mailing information based on country of destination.

PostalZone String False

Indicates the number of postal rate zones between the origin and destination zip codes.

CustomsForms String False

Customs forms required to mail to a country.

AreasServed String False

Areas where the PackagingType service is available when shipped to a country.

ExpressMailInfo String False

Express Mail information when shipping to a country.

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