SSIS Components for USPS

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Stored details about generated labels for each shipped package. This table is populated by the GenerateLabels and GenerateReturnLabels stored procedures. Consequently, it is not possible to INSERT or UPDATE this table directly, but DELETE is still enabled. It should also be noted that the CancelShipment and CancelPackage stored procedures will remove records from this table.

Table Specific Information

The following stored procedures will add records to this table:

  • GenerateLabels
  • GenerateReturnLabels


INSERT statements are not supported for this table.


UPDATE statements are not supported for this table.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
LabelId [KEY] Integer False

Identifier for this package label.

TrackingNumber String False

Tracking Number for this package.

ShipmentId Integer False

Identifier for applicable shipment.

PackageId Integer False

Identifier for the specific package for this label.

SenderId Integer False

Identifier for the shipment's sender.

RecipientId Integer False

Identifier for the shipment's recipient.

LabelDate Datetime False

Date the label was generated by the provider.

ShipDate String False

Date the package will be mailed.

NetCharge Decimal False

Net charge of the individual package.

ShippingLabelFile String False

File location for the generated label for this package. The naming convention will be the following: RecipientName_ShipmentId_PackageId.gif (or other file type)

IsReturnShipment Boolean False

Whether or not this label was for a return shipment.

Restrictions String False

Restrictions on items being shipped based on country of destination.

Regulations String False

Additional regulations for shipping to the destination country.

Prohibitions String False

List of items prohibited from mailing to the destination country.

Observations String False

Additional mailing information based on country of destination.

Notes String False

Additional information returned by the Server.

IndemnityCoverage Decimal False

Indicates the indemnity coverage for the package.

TotalValue Decimal False

Total value of all items being shipped.

SDRValue Decimal False

Special Drawing Right calculated on TotalValue.

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