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Details about a commodity item. This table is initially empty and must be populated by user action. Stored Procedures may then retrieve this information as input via Id references. Specification of at least one commodity item is required only for international shipments.

Table Specific Information

The following stored procedures will rely on input from this table:

  • GenerateLabels (Intl only)
  • GenerateReturnLabels (Intl only)


In order to add a Commodity, one must specify Description, Weight, Quantity, QuantityUnit, and CommodityValue. See the example below:

INSERT INTO Commodities (Description, Weight, Quantity, CommodityValue) VALUES ('Petroleum', '49.00', '12', '110.37')
One may specify a CommodityId on creation. However, if one is not provided, then a CommodityId be auto-generated.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
CommodityId [KEY] Integer False

Identifier for the commodity (required, one will be generated if unspecified).

Description String False

Textual description of commodity item.

Manufacturer String False

Country code of where final product was produced.

HarmonizedCode String False

Unique code representing this commodity line item (for imports only).

Weight Double False

Weight of the commodity item.

UnitPrice Decimal False

Value of each QuantityUnit in Quantity of this commodity line item.

Quantity Integer False

Number of specified units of the commodity item.

CommodityValue Decimal False

Collective value of all units of the item.

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