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CData Excel Add-In for USPS 2019J - Build 19.0.7354

Add specified postage funds to an account.

Procedure Specific Information

The stored procedure does not interact with any tables.


In order to execute this procedure, Amount must be specified. See the example below:

EXECUTE Recredit Amount = 120.00


Name Type Description
Amount Decimal Amount to be added in dollars and cents.
ControlTotal Decimal The control total protects the user from purchasing unwanted postage when postage was just printed by another user or via another application. This value can be obtained from GetAccountStatus.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
PostageBalance Decimal Remaining postage balance after re-credit in dollars and cents.
AscendingBalance Decimal Total amount of postage printed (after re-credit) in dollars and cents. (Endicia only)
SerialNumber String The Serial Number of the last item created on the account.
AccountStatus String The status of the account. 'A' indicates the account is active.
DeviceId String The account's 12 character Device ID.
ControlTotal String account control total. (Stamps only)
TransactionId String Transaction Id for each credit purchase. (Stamps only)
PurchaseStatus String Purchase status for each credit purchase. (Stamps only)
IntegratorTxId String transaction integrator Id. (Stamps only)

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