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ApplicationVersion Parameter (Connect-OFX Cmdlet)

CData Cmdlets for OFX 2019J - Build 19.0.7354

OFX application version string.


Connect-OFX -ApplicationVersion string


The ApplicationId and ApplicationVersion are theoretically supposed to be unique to your application connecting and should be accepted regardless of the values (or after bank approval). However, in practice, most banks restrict what applications are allowed to connect to their OFX servers. Instead, the values that you are supplying actually mimic another application that they have approved. In this case, QWIN is actually Quicken Software's Application ID. Because it would likely be impossible, or at least very difficult, to get banks to approve your application to connect to their server, this is the easiest solution. You can find a short list of Quicken versions with the corresponding OFX ApplicationVersion below:

Product Version APPID APPVER
Quicken 2016 QWIN 2500
Quicken 2015 QWIN 2400
Quicken 2014 QWIN 2300
Quicken 2013 QWIN 2200
Quicken 2012 QWIN 2100

This is a required parameter.

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