ADO.NET Provider for Excel

Build 20.0.7655

Has Cross Sheet References

Indicates how cross sheet references are handled.

Data Type


Default Value



HasCrossSheetReferences controls how cross sheet references are handled. If there are cross sheet references, changes to one sheet may cause some other formulas in other sheets to be recalculated. If HasCrossSheetReferences is set to true, all sheets in the workbook will be loaded into memory and the cross sheet references would be handled. However, setting the property to true may slow down performance because all sheets will be read from the Excel file.

This value should be set to true if you plan on making updates to the sheet. When this option is disabled the provider generates larger files because it cannot reuse shared data across multiple sheets. However, disabling this option allows the provider to reuse data across multiple sheets and generate smaller files.

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Build 20.0.7655