ADO.NET Provider for Excel

Build 20.0.7655

Define Tables

Map Excel ranges to table names.

Data Type


Default Value



You can use this property to explicitly define ranges within an Excel Spreadsheet that will appear as tables; the provider automatically detects tables for spreadsheets and named ranges.

Mapping Table Names to Ranges

The DefineTables value is a comma-separated list of name-value pairs in the form [Table Name]=[Sheet Name]![Range]. Table Name is the name of the table you want to use for the data and will be used when issuing queries. Sheet Name is the name of the sheet within the Excel Spreadsheet and Range is the range of cells that contain the data for the table.

Here is an example DefineTables value: DefineTables="Table1=Sheet1!A1:N25,Table2=Sheet2!C3:M53"

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Build 20.0.7655