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Getting Started

CData BizTalk Adapter for QuickBooks Online 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Establishing a Connection shows how to authenticate to QuickBooks Online and set any necessary connection properties. You can also configure adapter capabilities through the available Connection properties, from data modeling to firewall traversal. The Advanced Settings section shows how to set up more advanced configurations and troubleshoot connection errors.

Connecting from BizTalk

Overview of BizTalk Orchestrations

See BizTalk Orchestrations for information on creating and configuring an orchestration within BizTalk.

Manual Installation Fallback Procedure

See Adapter Installation for detailed instructions for manually completing adapter installation in the event that the setup is unable to complete the installation process.

BizTalk Version Support

The supported versions of BizTalk are 2006, 2006R2, 2010, 2012R2, 2013, and 2016. See Supported Macros for the macros the adapter supports in the adapter properties.

QuickBooks Online Version Support

The adapter models the QuickBooks Online Accounting APIs as a relational database.

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