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CData BizTalk Adapter for QuickBooks Online 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

Generates a Trial Balance report schema file.


Name Type Description
ReportName String The name of the report.

The default value is TrialBalanceReport.

ReportDescription String A description for the report. If one is not specified, a description based on the ReportType will be selected.
AccountingMethod String The accounting method used in the report.

The allowed values are Cash, Accrual.

DateMacro String A predefined date range. Use this if you want the report to cover a standard report date range. Otherwise, use the StartDate and EndDate to cover an explicit range.

The allowed values are Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Week-to-date, Last Week, Last Week-to-date, Next Week, Next 4 Weeks, This Month, This Month-to-date, Last Month, Last Month-to-date, Next Month, This Fiscal Quarter, This Fiscal Year, This Fiscal Year-to-date, Last Fiscal Year, Last Fiscal Year-to-date, Next Fiscal Year.

StartDate String The startdate of the report. StartDate must be less than EndDate.
EndDate String The enddate of the report. EndDate must be greater than StartDate.
SummarizeColumnsBy String The criteria by which to group the report results.

The allowed values are Total, Month, Week, Days, Quarter, Year, Customers, Vendors, Classes, Departments, Employees, ProductsAndServices.

Locale String Specify the Locale of the QBOnline Company you are running this report for. This is generally needed when calling GeneralLedger and TrailBalance reports for a French company. In that case, specify the locale as FR.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Result String Success or Failure.
SchemaFile String The generated schema file.
Columns String The number of columns found.

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