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CData ADO.NET Provider for Dynamics CRM 2017 - Build 17.0.6634

The CData ADO.NET Provider for Dynamics CRM 2017 provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio. The provider is registered as an ADO.NET provider with Visual Studio, allowing for integration with Server Explorer as well as ADO.NET data source configuration wizards.

Establishing a Connection from Server Explorer is the same as in other ADO.NET data providers such as the SQL Server provider. The full Data Model schema will be navigable by Server Explorer or Schema Discovery. For instance, column names of tables and views.

The provider models CRM on-premise or hosted Dynamics 365 instances as read/write, relational databases. The provider uses the CRM 2011 Web Services APIs to connect to Dynamics CRM data. The provider supports forms-based and claims-based authentication to the API.

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