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Establishing a Connection

Adding a new Dynamics CRM connection to the SSIS package is straightforward. Right-click within the Connection Manager window and select New Connection from the menu. Then, choose the Dynamics CRM Connection Manager from the Add SSIS Connection Manager window. Alternatively, you can create a new connection directly using the Dynamics CRM Source or the Dynamics CRM Destination. You can set the connection string options in the Dynamics CRM Connection Manager window, shown below.

The connection string options for the component meet the authentication and connection requirements of different Dynamics CRM instances. To connect to your instance, set the User and Password properties, under the Authentication section, to valid Dynamics CRM user credentials and set the Url to a valid Dynamics CRM server organization root. Additionally, set the CRMVersion property: Supported versions are CRM Online Office 365, CRM 4.0, CRM 2011, CRM 2013, CRM 2015. IFD configurations are supported as well.

Additionally, you can provide the security token service (STS) or AD FS endpoint in the STSURL property. Office 365 users can connect to the default STS URL by simply setting CRMVersion.

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