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Connecting to Google Spreadsheets

This section documents how to provide authentication for your account type and then connect to a spreadsheet.

Authenticate a Google or Google Apps Account

If you have a Google or Google Apps account, you need to use OAuth authentication. See our Using OAuth guide for more information.

Authenticate Using Two-Step Verification

Accounts that use two-step verification also use OAuth. The difference will be that when the driver opens the Google login page in your default web browser, it will also prompt you to enter your verification code, along with your username and password.

Connect to a Spreadsheet

After you have provided authentication, set the Spreadsheet connection property to the name or feed link of a spreadsheet.

View Information on the Available Spreadsheets

You can query the SpreadSheets view to find a list of names/feed links for spreadsheets your account has access to. You can also query this view to access other information about the available spreadsheets: the most recently visited spreadsheet and author information.

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