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SSL Client Cert Subject

CData FireDAC Components for Sybase 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

The subject of the TLS/SSL client certificate.


property SSLClientCertSubject: String;

Data Type


Default Value



When loading a certificate the subject is used to locate the certificate in the store.

If an exact match is not found, the store is searched for subjects containing the value of the property. If a match is still not found, the property is set to an empty string, and no certificate is selected.

The special value "*" picks the first certificate in the certificate store.

The certificate subject is a comma separated list of distinguished name fields and values. For example, ", OU=test, C=US,". The common fields and their meanings are shown below.

CNCommon Name. This is commonly a host name like
OUOrganizational Unit
EEmail Address

If a field value contains a comma, it must be quoted.

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