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CData BizTalk Adapter for FedEx 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

Details about a recipient of an email notification or faxed SPOD. This table is initially empty and must be populated by user action. Stored Procedures may then retrieve this information as input via Id references. This table will be used for the purposes of the FaxProofOfDelivery and RequestEmailNotification stored procedures.

Table Specific Information

The following stored procedures will rely on input from this table:

  • RequestEmailNotification
  • FaxProofOfDelivery


In order to add a Contact, one must specify Name, and Fax. See the example below:

INSERT INTO Contacts (Name, Fax) VALUES ('John Doe', '336-111-0377')
One may specify a ContactId on creation. However, if one is not provided, then a ContactId be auto-generated.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
ContactId [KEY] Integer False

Identifier for the email or fax recipient (required, one will be generated if unspecified).

Name String False

Contact's name.

Email String False

Contact's email address. Required if RecipientType is Unspecified, Other, or ThirdParty.

Fax String False

Contact's fax number.

RecipientType String False

Type of contact as enumerated.

The allowed values are Unspecified, Recipient, Shipper, Broker, Other, ThirdParty.

NotificationFlags String False

Comma-separated list of desired notification types, as enumerated. Valid values include the following: ON_SHIPMENT, ON_EXCEPTION, ON_DELIVERY, ON_TENDER, HTML, TEXT, WIRELESS, IN_TRANSIT, ADL, UAP

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