ODBC Driver for Snowflake

Build 20.0.7606


To connect to Snowflake, you can use either a DSN or an ODBC connection string. Both of these methods use the sql package's Open function.

Connect to a DSN

To connect using a DSN:

db, _ := sql.Open("odbc", "DSN=CData Snowflake Sys")
defer db.Close()

Provide a Driver Connection String

To connect using an ODBC connection string:

db, _ := sql.Open("odbc", "DRIVER={CData ODBC Driver for Snowflake};url=https://myaccount.region.snowflakecomputing.com;user=Admin;password=test123;Database=Northwind;Warehouse=TestWarehouse;Account=Tester1;;")
defer db.Close()

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Build 20.0.7606