Cmdlets for Act-On

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CData Cmdlets for Act-On


The CData Cmdlets PowerShell Module for Act-On allows developers to write PowerShell scripts with connectivity to Act-On. The cmdlets abstract the underlying data source into tables, views, and stored procedures that can be used to both retrieve and update data. The representation of Act-On as a relational database gives the cmdlets a uniform interface and also enables you to execute SQL to Act-On.

Key Features

  • Real-time access to Act-On data in Windows PowerShell.
  • Pipe row objects directly from Act-On into other cmdlets as input.
  • Streamlined installation via the Powershell Gallery.

Getting Started

See Getting Started for an overview of how to connect to and query Act-On data from PowerShell.

Act-On Cmdlets

See the Act-On Cmdlets section for a list of available Act-On cmdlets, including their syntax and input parameters.

Defining Custom Views

Defining Custom Views provides syntax for exposing new, customized views using either DDL Statements or an explicitly defined JSON-formatted configuration file.

SQL Compliance

See SQL Compliance for a syntax reference and code examples outlining the supported SQL.

Data Model

Data Model lists the tables, views, and stored procedures available for the cmdlets.

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Build 20.0.7654