SSIS Components for DigitalOcean

Build 20.0.7587


Retrieve Pending Changes for Firewalls in DigitalOcean.

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Digital Ocean supports only the FirewallId column with "=" operator as filter criteria for this view.

SELECT * FROM FirewallsPendingChanges WHERE FirewallId='34d4f42b-fd6b-470c-ae73-9d75de8fc8d2'

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any other search criteria will be ignored and an unfiltered response will be returned.


Name Type References Description
FirewallId [KEY] String


The Id of the Firewall that inbound rule belongs to.
DropletId String The Id of the Droplet that is having its security policies updated.
Removing Boolean Whether or not the firewall is being removed
Status String The status of pending changes.

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Build 20.0.7587