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Retrieve volume backups in DigitalOcean.

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You need to specify DropletId to retrieve backups associated with a Droplet. The DropletId is also the only column supported by Digital Ocean in WHERE clause. The supported operator is "=".

SELECT * FROM Backups WHERE DropletId=99583825

If a DropletId is not specified, the CData SSIS Components for DigitalOcean will internally append the filter:

WHERE DropletId IN (SELECT Droplets.Id FROM Droplets)

It is recommended to always specify at least one DropletId in the criteria to provide the best performance available.

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case you must specify at least DropletId. The DigitalOcean API requires that queries contain this filter.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String A unique number used to identify and reference a specific image.
DropletId Integer


The Id of the droplet the backup will be created from.
Name String The display name of the image. This is shown in the web UI, and it is generally a descriptive title for the image in question.
Type String This designates the type of image in regards to the duration of how long the image is stored. Allowed values are either 'snapshot' or 'backup'.
Distribution String The base distribution used for this image.
Slug String A uniquely identifying string that is associated with each of the DigitalOcean-provided public images. These can be used to reference a public image as an alternative to the numeric id.
IsPublic Boolean A boolean value that indicates whether the image in question is public. A public image is available to all accounts whereas a non-public image is only accessible from your account.
Regions String An array of the regions where the image is available. The regions are represented by their identifying slug values.
MinDiskSize Integer The minimum 'disk' size required to use this image.
SizeGigabytes Double The size of the backup in Gigabytes.
CreatedAt Datetime The date and time value representing when the image was created.

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