ODBC Driver for Amazon Marketplace

Build 20.0.7695


The Inventory feed allows you to update inventory quantities (stock levels) for your items.


The Driver Uses #TEMP tables as fields for aggregate information entered

You must include in your query :

INSERT INTO InventoryFeed#TEMP (SKU,Quantity,FulfillmentLatency) VALUES ('15700',11 ,'2')

INSERT INTO InventoryFeed#TEMP (SKU,Quantity,FulfillmentLatency) VALUES ('99987867',10 ,'2')

Then you execute the procedure by specifying the value of InventoryFeedAggregate with the name of #TEMP table used InventoryFeed#TEMP.

EXEC SubmitInventoryFeed InventoryFeedAggregate='InventoryFeed#TEMP'


Name Type Required Description
SKU String False Required. Used to identify an individual product. Each product must have a SKU, and each SKU must be unique.
FulfillmentCenterID String False Seller-defined identifier for a fulfillment center.
Available Boolean False Indicates whether or not the item is available (true = available; false = not available).
Quantity Integer False Indicates whether or not an item is available (any positive number = available; 0 = not available).
RestockDate Date False Date the item will be restocked, if not currently available.
FulfillmentLatency String False The number of days between the order date and the ship date (a whole number between 1 and 30).
SwitchFulfillmentTo String False Used only when switching the fulfillment of an item from MFN (merchant fulfilled) to AFN (Amazon fulfilled) or vice versa.
OperationType String False Required. Used to specify the type of operation (Update or Delete) to be performed on the data.
InventoryFeedAggregate String False An aggregate representing the feed. Can be in the form of XML, JSON or a #TEMP table.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
FeedSubmissionId String A unique identifier for the feed submission.
FeedType String The type of feed submitted.
SubmittedDate Datetime The date and time when the feed was submitted.
FeedProcessingStatus String The processing status of the feed submission.

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Build 20.0.7695