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Updating Data

CData ODBC Driver for Amazon Marketplace 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

The following code examples show how to use data modification statements.

Procedure for Updates

You can use execute method to execute data modification statements. This will update the cursor's rowcount property with the number of affected rows.

Note that you must commit the connection after performing the modification, or your changes may be lost.


To insert updates:

cursor.execute("INSERT INTO SampleTable_1(Column1) VALUES ('John')")
affected = cursor.rowcount


To retrieve updates:

cursor.execute("UPDATE SampleTable_1 SET Column1 = 'John' WHERE Column2 = 'Bob'")
affected = cursor.rowcount


To delete updates:

cursor.execute("DELETE FROM SampleTable_1 WHERE Id = '6'")
affected = cursor.rowcount

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